Was that an age insult Arin threw at Dan in trauma center? WAS IT?

dan confirmed for 120 years old


danny quit working in advertising because he hated how the media portrayed women and didn’t want to make ordinary people feel like shit for not being this size zero bullshit and if you don’t think that’s the raddest fucking thing don’t even talk to me

Danny is 34. According to the game grumps calender his Birthday was March 14th, and in the Hannah Montana episode of Grumps he said "I just celebrated my sweet 34th" (whilst the game was discussing a sweet 16 party). 14 years is a perfectly acceptable age gap. RIGHT?!

YES we do recall screaming over that statement. While it’s not an OUTRIGHT confession, I’d call it a solid “Maybe Probably.”

Seems you already knew that! I probably should have read your blog a bit more before seeming like a smartass/stalker and telling you. I'm a weenie, sorry! Awesome blog btw!

That is totally okay, love! We understand. Sometimes you just get excited and want to spout knowledge. I get that all the time. 

Wait isn't his year of birth on his wiki profile??

I don’t find Wiki’s to be terribly reliable. Anyone can edit them, and there are always naysayers.

Wait I thought he turned 33 this year

Technically, he has never confirmed his age. He’s abouts 32-34, probably.

What's been going on? Are you talking about those myspace pics going around?

Yes. In addition, some other, extremely sensitive information was put up and then removed very quickly thereafter, but it was still posted, so I’m sure that I (Mod Eve) was not the only one to see it. And I am hoping that the people that saw it will be reasonable human beings and not abuse the information.

With certain goings-on with some of Dan’s personal information, we kindly ask that all of our followers, and indeed all Game Grumps and Ninja Sex Party fans, are respectful to him, and in addition, any of the Grumps. Leaking personal photos, videos, information, etc. is not well-mannered, let alone funny. Please, try to show some sympathy to Dan, and respect boundaries. As fun as it is to joke about how we don’t “know” Danny’s age, it’s also important to keep in mind that it’s courteous to respect the fact that he may not want people to know. 

We ask that you just keep things light-hearted and fun, and gracious to the Grumps and Dan, who do so much and work so hard for the Lovelies. 



is it me or is dan becoming a bit like the anime?






my tablet pen slipped.